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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

Amazing product. 500ml bottle.

Dilutes at 1 ml per litre of water.
Cost is £15. 
So 3p per treatment. Works amazing on soft shells, as well as birds with bad feather. Can also save a birds life if egg bound.
 Available now from us £15.
Can Be Posted

Just to reassure you all. You can still purchase poultry, the bird flu regulations do not prevent you from buying or selling. As long as birds are kept away from wild birds.
A lot of scaremongering as per normal in the press.

Available Now! Hybrid, Heavy Weight Table Ducks Ideal For Christmas.

With Predicted Shortages Of Quality Table Birds Such, As Turkeys, And Geese. Why Not Try Something Different This Year? 

 Price From Just £5  Currently 4.5 Weeks Old Off Heat

Website Correct As Of  29/11/21

Forget about black Friday and cyber Monday. Next week we have the best offers for years!

J line hens £15 each . Six for £40. Twelve for £60.

All classic and exclusive range £15 each.

Or six for £60

Three Female Runner Ducks £15 each or all three £30.

Dual purpose ducks. Buy Three or more for £5 each.

Dark and blue layers £25 each or three for £60.

Six for £100.

Restore a shell tonic, liquid calcium £15 for 500ml. Or 2 for £25.

Appointments must be made by calling 07719685434 on the day you wish to come please.

*Cash Only. Correct Money Is Appreciated Please.

*Do Not Turn Up Without An Appointment Please

*You must provide boxes or crates for transportation.

Prices For 2021.

Classic Hens £15

Funky Leghorns £15

Exclusive Hens £15  Or Get Six Of £15 Range For £72!

Premium Blue Layers £25

Premium Dark Layers £25