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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

 Get Six of our Classic Range, Funky Leghorns Or Exclusive Range For £72!

Just £12 Each. Instead Of £15 And £16.

Or Get Twelve Or More Of The Above For Only £10 Each!

Get Three Of Our Premium Blue Layers For £60. Saving £12!
Get Two Of Our Premium Dark Layers   For  £34.  Saving £14!
Get Five Or More White Leghorns For Only £8 Each. Saving An Incredible £7 A Bird!

 We Have A Small Range Of Bantam Pekins, And Wyandotte's Various Colours!
And Large Fowl Aracuna, Brahmas Various Colours, And Red Speckled Sussex.

We Have Show Quality Males And Female Cayuga, Indian Runner, And Bali Ducks Available Now!

Website Correct At Opening Of  30/07/21

Appointments must be made by calling 07719685434 on the day you wish to come please.

*Cash Only. Correct Money Is Appreciated Please.

*Do Not Turn Up Without An Appointment Please

*You must remain in your car/vehicle until called.

*You must provide boxes or crates for transportation.

*Children are welcome.

Prices For 2021.

Classic Hens £15

Funky Leghorns £15

Exclusive Hens £16  Or Get Six Of £15 And £16 Range For £72!

Premium Blue Layers £24

Premium Dark Layers £24  Get Three For £60. Dark And Blue Layers
Bantam Wyandotte's And Pekins £30/35

All Large Fowl £40 Each 

White Pekin X Campbells Ducks (Hatched 15/3/21)

And Khaki Campbell Female Ducks.   (Hatched 17/5/21)  
£12 Each. Three For £30! (Please Note A Price Rise Will Be Applied At 18 Weeks Pol)

Indian Runner Females £40

Indian Runner Males     £20   
Cayuga Female              £45
Cayuga Male                  £25

Bali Female                    £35

Bali Male                        £15   Discount On True Trio's

Goslings  £15 Each