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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

Amazing product. 500ml bottle.

Dilutes at 1 ml per litre of water.
Cost is £16. 
So 3p (ish) per treatment. Works amazing on soft shells, as well as birds with bad feather. Can also save a birds life if egg bound.
 Available now from us £16.

Offer Until 21/8/22  Buy Any Three Bantams, From Pekin, Or Wyandotte's At Pol For Only £90! Saving £15! 

Eight Week Old Female Ebden Goslings, £20 each

Four Week Old Female Ebden Goslings  £15 Each Or Three For £40

We Do NOT Sell, Chicks, Cockerels, Hatching Eggs! Or Single Hens

Hello And Welcome To Jessie's Hens! Please Read Below In Full. 

As Most Information Is Available Here Thanks!

This Page Is Our Introduction Page, But Also To Update You On Important News, On The Week.

This Site Will Be Updated Regularly, With Last Updated Date Being    16/8//22

The Pages On The Left, Eg "Classic Hens" Are Our Hen Breeds, Under Each Breed, It States Breed, Availability. It Also States Price.
However Planned Price Is As Follows, But Is Subject To Change Without Notice.


EXCLUSIVE HENS £15 Lowered By £1

FUNKY LEGHORNS £15 Lowered By £1

PREMIUM DARK LAYERS £22. Lowered By £3 

PREMIUM BLUE LAYERS £22. Lowered By £3 


Large Fowl Hens From £35

The Following Is Very Important, And Applies In All Cases

Appointments must be made by calling 07719685434 on the day you wish to come please. We Can Not Make Arrangements, On A Thursday For Saturday For Example

*Cash Only. Correct Money Is Appreciated Please.

*Do Not Turn Up Without An Appointment Please

*You must provide boxes or crates for transportation.
We Aim To Have A Regular Supply Of All Birds, Of All Breeds, At All Times, However We Can Not Tell You If We Will Have A Particular Breed Available, Beyond A Few Days Time. 

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To Jessie's Hens, When You Are Ready To Purchase Your Birds. Thanks For Reading   Tom