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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

When people ask me for advice, about buying hatching eggs, they are often surprised when I tell them to go back and re read, and also comeback to me as to why they want hatch their own?

The number one reason for wanting to do so, is for the experience, raising from chick to hen. Yes, it is lovely to watch them grow like any animal, and yes chickens can become very friendly and will follow you around the garden!

Let's assume we are talking about hatching using an incubator, and that we are talking about chicks, as in baby chickens.

So, what are the bad bits of hatching your own?

Starting costs. I shan't bother to list all the equipment you need. But a good reliable incubator is a given. Temperature, humidity, and auto turner will make your job easier. But it also costs quite a bit. Then there is the brooder. Yada yada. It's not cheap!


So after paying out all the cash for your set up, and sourcing your hatching eggs. What can go wrong? The eggs are normally candled on certain days during the hatching process.

And often the eggs are infertile, or fail to develop these need to be disposed of as can explode, not a smell you want to experience I can tell you!

So let's say we started with six eggs. Four may get to hatching stage. If at this stage temperature, or humidity drops, or you have a little peek, or to hear chicks cheeping in the shell. This can cause the chicks never to hatch. They die in the shell, disappointment all round! Or one or two hatch, and fantastic you have chicks!

Next issue if only one has hatched or if one dies soon after. You have one on its own, then you need to ring round and find it a friend! One same age, as yours. That is often hard in itself!

So you could have a couple of chicks, they are super cute, love to sit in your hand cheeping to you, your kids love them, everybody happy, but?

Chicks have a high mortality rate, and at just one day old if hybrids need their first vaccination, finding a vet to do this also expensive, also finding a vet to even do it is a mission!

Some vaccinations are water treatment, some a injection. Given wrongly or in wrong order can prove ineffective or even kill the day old.

So had vaccinations? Everybody happy? Empty wallet yet? Next issue. As hatched chicks are 70% males. Cockerels, they can start fighting at a early age as their testosterone kicks in, they can take a dislike to you too!

That little yellow fluffy chick all cute and cuddly has turned into a demon with talons, and a bad attitude!

Painting a bad picture for you? I'm giving you a non romantic straight up picture of hatching chicks. And 4-5 weeks after the hatching, every third call to me will go

" Hi, myself and my children have hatched some eggs, we now have cockerels who are fighting! My kids are very upset, they don't like seeing them fight, and can no longer handle them. Would you like them, free of charge!" No sorry always my reply.

Often by Mid Summer you have cockerels dumped at side of the road.

Traditionally Cockerel was served up as Sunday dinner. To much trouble when you can pop in Tesco and buy one oven ready, for the price of a large coffee!


So still want to hatch? Or do you want the experience without all the above grief? I can offer you the experience in your own home. And provide everything you need, chicks often spend first four week inside before being introduced to the outside.

We offer, Chick crumb, chick grit, bedding ,and feeder and drinker for £30

Personally selected healthy day old chicks. (Up to seven days old)

No massive cash outlay! 100% female or full refund.

Day old vaccinated for Marek's Disease Virus, Turkey Herpes Virus, Infectious Bronchitis, Coccidiosis, Salmonella Enteriditis.*

These are premium chicks, Chestnut Rangers, Black feather, with hints of gold, which will lay very dark eggs, at around 22 weeks.

These are £10 each or four for £35.

Or you can have our Skye chicks (various feather colours) which lay blue or green eggs at 22 weeks. These are £12 Each or four for £40.

So this way you have had most of the bad parts removed. You get healthy, Day old vaccinated chicks, all food etc. And the experience of raising happy chicks to happy hens!

Oh and if you decide its not for you afterwards or at anytime. Subject to a health check. you can simply return them! We will take them back at any time up to 15 weeks of age.

What's more, we offer a partial refund on the chicks up to 15 weeks of age!

Breakdown costs. Four Chicks £35-40. 3 kg Chick crumb, 1 kg chick grit, 20 kg Soft chip bedding, 1 kg feeder and 1 kg drinker for £30. So that's a full set up price of Maximum £70.

You can buy more or less of chicks and set up. What's more we offer help and support for the chicks for their entire life, by email or txt!

Email me for a personalised quote. Or to order for approx. 9/4/21

Any questions, advice or concerns? Again feel free to email me!

(*I can provide more detailed, info if you wish? Day old vaccinations are not fully vaccinated. But its more than just hatched will have had!)