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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

Our Classic Hen Range Is Full Of Your Traditional Favourite Breeds. Priced At £15 Each. 

All Correctly Fully Vaccinated, Wormed And Liced, Quality, Happy, Healthy, Free Range Hens! 

The J Line Hen. Very Much Like The Goldline, But With More White Feather. 330+ Eggs Per Year.

She Will Eventually Replace The Goldline!

Available Now

The Snowball . She Can Lay 300 +Eggs, With Mid Brown Shell. She Has A Larger Body Frame, Than The Leghorn. So Much Calmer!

A Hybrid Of Rhode Island White, And Light Sussex.

Lovely Calm Hen.

Available Soon

The Speckled Barred Is The Stunning New Style Speckled Hen. That Looks Like The German Style Maran.

Lovely Temperament, Laying 300 Mid-Dark Shelled Eggs Per Year. A Hybrid Of Barred Plymouth And Rhode Island Red. Available Now

The Black Tail A Simply Stunning Looking Traditional Red Hen With Black Tail And Sometimes With A Black Necklace. Hardy Bird, Docile, Laying 300 + Eggs Per Year! Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red Hybrid.

Available SOON

 Rhode Rock Nera She Can Be Very Black Or Have Minimal To Heavy Gold Markings. Has Lovely Hints Of Purple,Greens And Blue In Her Black Feathers. Friendly And Docile. Lays 300 Lovely Mid-Dark Shell Eggs. Our Number One Unrivalled Seller Since 2011! Hybrid Of Rhode Island Red And Plymouth Rock! Available Now

The Bluebelle Is Friendly And Docile. She Lays 280 Light Shelled Eggs A Year. Light To Dark Blue Feather.

Rhode Island Red Hybrid

Available Now

The Speckledy Is A Calm Hen Bred To Look Like The Maran. Lays 300 Mid-Dark Brown Egg Shells A Year.

A Hybrid Of Rhode Island Red And Barred Plymouth Rock

Available Soon

The Goldline Now Replaced By The J -Line

(See J-Line. )

Light Sussex Docile And Friendly. She Lays 270 Light Shelled Eggs A Year. Another Light Sussex Rhode Island Red Hybrid

Available Now

Black Sussex Docile And Friendly. She Lays 270 Light Shelled Eggs A Year. Black Sussex Rhode Island Red Hybrid

Available SOON

The Amber Is A Really Calm Hen. A Lovely White Hen With Hints Of Silver And Peachey Markings. A Great Layer Of 300 Light Brown Eggs. Often Over Looked Because Of Popularity Of The Leghorn, But A Good Alternative To The Leghorn. Better In Smaller Flocks. Available SOON

The White Leghorn Are The Ultimate Egg Layer. Lays 320 White Shelled Eggs A Year. Very Useful In A Mixed Flock As Will Often Become The Leader Of The Pack.

Do Not Be Put Off This Bird By It's Undeserved Tag Of Being "Flighty", She Is The Brains Of The Hen World! Available Soon.