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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

Currently Unavailable Till March 2022
Personally selected healthy day old chicks.

100% female or full refund.

Day old vaccinated for Marek's Disease Virus, Turkey Herpes Virus, Infectious Bronchitis, Coccidiosis, Salmonella Enteriditis.*

These Will Be Premium Chicks, Chestnut Rangers, Black feather, With Hints Of Gold, Which Will Lay Very Dark Eggs, At Around 22 Weeks.

These Are £10 each Or Four For £35.

Or You Can Have Our Skye Chicks (Various Feather Colours) Which Lay Blue Or Green Eggs At 22 Weeks. These Are £12 Each Or Four For £40.

We also offer, Chick crumb, chick grit, bedding ,and feeder and drinker for £30


If you decide its not for you afterwards or at anytime. Subject to a health check, you can simply return them! We will take them back at any time up to 15 weeks of age.

What's more, we offer a partial refund on the chicks up to 15 weeks of age!

Breakdown costs. Four Chicks 

3 kg Chick crumb, 1 kg chick grit, 20 kg Soft chip bedding, 1 kg feeder and 1 kg drinker for . So that's a full set up price of Maximum £70.

You can buy more or less of chicks and set up. What's more we offer help and support for the chicks for their entire life, by email or txt!

Email me for a personalised quote.

Or to order for approx.

Any questions, advice or concerns? Again feel free to email me!