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Jessie's Hens

07719685434 [email protected]

How many hens should I start with?

It is always better to start with a minimum of three birds. Two can clash if you have two dominant birds. Or be nervous if both are non dominant. Also should one die you should not add single birds even to just one on one.

Measure your perch space length. If you have 2 perches at 21 inches each, you have 42 inches total. Divide this by 7 inches. So you can fit in up to six birds. Outside space should be as large as you can allow.

I want to add new hens to a existing flock, how is best to do this?

Firstly see above to check you have enough perch space

If so it is more manageable to add 50% or more of existing birds. Example if you have six birds, add three more. You can add two at a time though.

Whenever you add new birds to old you disrupt there social system or pecking order. You will need to manage this change.

There are any ways to achieve this, depending on your set up.

We can advise you on this.

What Are Vaccinations In Hens?

Like most animals and humans alike, Hens require Vaccinations.

A Fully vaccinated hen takes between day old and 14-15 weeks to fully vaccinated. All Our birds are fully vaccinated. (A list can be provided on request by email)

Another Breeder Is Selling Fully Vaccinated Hens At 7 Weeks Old?

I am aware of this claim. I believe these to be day old vaccinated.

The difference is at day old they are vaccinated against Mareks only! Strictly speaking this is Not "Fully Vaccinated" But "Day Old Vaccinated" I have checked and re checked my facts. Any hen under 14 weeks of age is Not "Fully Vaccinated" Anyone claiming this is either confused Or Lying.

I need to come on Saturday,Can I ring you Wednesday?

You are welcome to call, to check what hens we have available today. However we will ask you to call to double check availability on the actual day you wish to come, also to arrange a time to come and collect. We dont want you to be disappointed, if a particular hen is sold out.

I want to come view your hens,and ask a few questions. However I dont wish to buy that day,but in the future. Is This ok?

Yes of course.We are happy to show you our hens. If you are looking to view certain type of hen it is better to ask if it is available. Also hens viewed on a certain day may not be available next time. Also if you have lots of questions,You are welcome to email us them in advance so I can answer them. Weekends are very busy,so if you require face to face help,It is best to visit during week.We also offer Hen courses,for a complete learning experience.

What Is The Difference Between A Pure Breed,A Bantam And A Hybrid?

A Pure Breed Hen Is A Hen Of Same Breed Parentage.Often Called "Large Fowl" Or "Traditional Breeds" They Are Often Sold As Pairs Or Trio's Alongside A Cockerel. Compared To Hybrids,They Dont Lay As Many Eggs,Tend To Live Longer (Up To 10 Years,Often Only Laying Relatively Small Amounts After Age 3!) Can Go Broody Affecting Egg Supply And Cost Anything From £30+ Each.They Tend To Be Much Larger Than Hybrids.

Hybrids Tend To Lay A Lot More Eggs,Intensively For Up To 4 Years,Have A Shorter Life Span (Often 4 Years)

Rarely Go Broody.

Ours Currently Cost From £15

Ours Are Disease Resistant Because Of A Full Vaccination Program.

They Are A mixed Parentage Creating All The Positives Of A Pure Breed Combination. About The Only Thing A Hybrid Lacks That A Pure Breed Does Not, Is Hybrids Can Only Be Entered Into "Pet Class" Of Birds Shows.

Hybrids Rarely Go Broody, Hence Creating A Less Hormonal, Therefore Calmer And More Relaxed Bird.

Hybrids Tend To Make Better Pets, And Are Widely Considered The Main Reason Hens In Gardens Are Now So Popular.

Hybrids Do Not Require A Cockerel To Stimulate Them To Lay, Thus Making You More Popular With Your Neighbours!

A "True Bantam" Has No Larger Counterpart Pure Breed.

The Term Bantam Comes From Japan, Loosely Translated As Smaller Or Miniature These Birds Often Are More For Show Than Pets, And There Egg Laying Ability .Often Poor Layers, And Of With A Poor Egg Size.

They Are Renowned For Broody Behaviour. There Is A Wide Misconception That Because They Are Smaller, They Make Better Pets For Children.

Which Type Do You Stock?

Hybrids, Pure Breeds, And Bantams. Hybrids Are Our Cheapest Hens

Why Don't You Sell Single Hens

For Welfare Reasons. Hens Kept On There Own Will Be Very Lonely, They Are Flock Birds And Crave Company. Adding Single Birds To A Already Established Flock Is Extremely Hard, And Almost Impossible, Often Ending With New Bird Killed Or Injured. Therefore We Simply Don't Sell One Hen. Hen Welfare Is More Important To Me Than £15

How Come You Have Different Hens That Nobody Else Has?

We Enjoy A Great Relationship With One Of The Country's Leading Hatchery's. And As Such Are Often Offered Exclusive Hens First.

There Are Also A Few Hens We Will Not Stock That Others May Stock. We Reject Hens If We Feel They Do Not Come Up To Our High Standards.

Are Your Hens Free Range? Another Cambridge Based Group Claim To Be The Only Free Range Group?

Our Hens Are Free To Roam In A Large Grassy Enclosure By Day, And Sleep Safely Roosting In Large Custom Built Sheds By Night. So Yes They Are Free Range. I Can Not Answer Questions About Other Establishments.

Are You Defra Registered?

Yes We Are. And Cambridge Trading Standards. We Also Use The Trading Standards "Bird Movement Book"

Are You Involved In Any Other Cambridge Based Establishments?

No. Jessie's Hens Is Completely Independent. We Are Not Involved With Any Other Establishment, Albeit In Cambridge Or Anywhere Else. Jessie's Is A Family Run Hobby, Our Aims Are Simple. Better Hens At Better Price's. We Are Not Interested In Profit, And We Are Proud To Be Different!

Can I mix All Breeds?

Yes, All Birds Get On Well, Once They Establish A Pecking Order.

In My Experience The White Leghorns Breeds, Are Better Kept One Per Six Birds.  As Leghorns Are Quite Dominant.

How Do I Transport Hens, Do You Provide Box's?

You Will Need To Provide Your Own Box's. Normally A Pet Carrier Or Pet Carrier Sized Box Will Hold Three Birds. We Sometimes Have Boxes, However Please Check In Advance. We Charge £1 Per Box, And Donate To Good Causes.

Will You Take A Cheque Or Debit/Credit Card?

No Sorry Its Cash Only.

Do I Need A Appointment Or Can I Turn Up?

We Ask You To Call In Advance On The Day To Arrange A Time.

Please Do Not Just Turn Up, We are Not Available All The Time.

What Is Your Address?

We are Based In Fen Ditton. CB5 8SZ. On The Former Village Allotment Site. The A14 End Of The Village.

Why Don't You Hatch All Your Own Birds?

This Is Something We Would Love To Do, But At This Moment In Time, Like All Other Major Sellers In Cambridge And The Uk, We Purchase From A Hatchery.

The Hatchery, We Use Has A Excellent Reputation, Has Excellent Bird Welfare And A Superb Record In Bio Security And Disease Prevention.

We Also Do Not Bring In Delicate Day Old Chicks. We Bring In 15 Week Old Birds Who Are Better Equipped To Deal With The Move, And Are Fully Vaccinated, Wormed And De Liced. Again I Can Not Speak For Other Establishments.